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Are you curious about sexual wellness and pleasure products? Well, as time passes by, the Indian society has started embracing sexual wellness for more than a decade, and the mushrooming of online sex toy stores is working as a major catalyst in this process. By any chance, if you are interested to know what’s Kolkata’s take on sex toys? You have to find out authentic ways to buy sex toys in Kolkata before knowing what people are thinking about online sex toys store in Kolkata. So let’s get ready to find the most trusted online sex toys store in Kolkata.   

Research before you buy sex toys in Kolkata 

Do you think you are likely to get a good deal online without any research and cost comparison? The answer is obviously no. Just like any other product, you have to conduct thorough research before you buy sex toys in Kolkata. Now if you are wondering how to start the research, we would suggest you take help from the Internet, the most powerful tool for research in the 21st century. You can simply type online sex toy store in Kolkata or buy sex toys in Kolkata, and you will find hundreds of search results instantly. Now It’s time to take time and browse those websites one by one so that you can find the best deal on sex toys online.


When you search to buy sex toys in Kolkata, you are likely to lose amidst hundreds of websites selling adult toys, wellness and pleasure products; however, not every one of them is genuine. Yes, you heard that right. You might come across fraudulent people disguised as retailers who have dedicated websites, and you might get trapped with unbelievable offers and crazy discounts. To minimize all the hassle, we always suggest to buy sex toys in Kolkata from genuine retailers. Once the research is done, you must focus on finding authentic online sex toys store in Kolkata. 

Check Reviews 

We understand it is really hard to believe the reviews in the era of paid reviews and paid promotions in 2023. Despite having a negative impression, reviews are still relevant. In general, reviews help an individual to understand what you think of the product. A review can be positive or negative, but it focuses on the customer’s point of view, making them an important factor in conversion. By any chance, if you are about to buy sex toys in Kolkata, we suggest you check reviews of different online sex toys store in Kolkata so that you can choose a good online store to meet your requirements. 

Cost Comparison 

if you are an avid online shopper, you already know the loopholes of shopping online. A product is likely to feature different price tags on different websites, and therefore you have to compare the cost in order to save the maximum. A lot of people forget to focus on cost comparison, and they often miss out best deals online. We suggest you take your time and compare the cost of the product you’re looking for. Although cost comparison is helpful, it doesn’t mean you have to choose an online sex toys store in Kolkata offering the lowest price. Since quality and hygiene are important when you buy sex toys in Kolkata, you need to be assured about authenticityOnce you know it’s authentic and cheap, you can go for it. 


Online shops have become very popular in 2023. The mushrooming of online sex toys store in Kolkata has revolutionized peoples’ take on sexual wellness, intimacy, and relationship in recent years. One of the primary reasons to buy sex toys in Kolkata online is the massive discount. Yes, online storefronts offer huge discounts on products, and this is a USP for online retailers. While buying adult products in Kolkata, we suggest our readers check for a discount so that they can save the maximum on the purchase. 

Delivery Time 

While shopping online, the delivery time can vary from one retailer to another. It occurs because the shipment might be coming from another part of the country, which sometimes results in delays. If you don’t want to face such a situation, it will always be better to check the contact address on the website or ask about the warehouse location so that you can assume a possible time frame to get them delivered. If you are about to buy sex toys in Kolkata, you can take a look at 18 Plus Toy, where you can avail yourself of free express shipping all over India on prepaid orders. You can simply call on 9836351212 to shop from an online sex toys store in Kolkata. 

Payment Protection 

If you are about to buy sex toys in Kolkata, you shouldn’t take payment protection lightly. You might have seen increasing cases of cyber fraud online, and you have to be very careful while shopping online. We suggest our readers find an online sex toys store in Kolkata that offers optimum payment protection against each transaction. It includes having an SSL certification, multiple payment gateways for maximum convenience and payment protection during an online transaction. You might come across websites where you may not avail of all of the aforementioned facilities, and you should refrain from shopping from those sites. Phishing attacks have become frequent, and you have to be alert when you buy sex toys in Kolkata.

These are some of the most effective tips to buy sex toys in Kolkata. We hope the suggestions from our experts will definitely help individuals to shop for sex toys without any hassle. Since there’s no quality control and regulation, buyers are likely to get scammed frequently. However, paying attention to all the aforementioned factors may act as a shield from scammers. Follow the guidelines to find online sex toys store in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, or anywhere, and it will save you hard-earned money every time. 

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