Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.18plustoy.com.

At 18plustoy.com, we wholeheartedly welcome visitors. We appreciate your decision to choose us and share your personal information to buy sex toys in Chennai. As a reputable platform for adult toys in India, we value customer’s privacy and take adequate measures to protect it from theft, unauthorised access and other forms of cyber crimes.

Your personal information is our asset, and we keep everything private with strict privacy policy guidelines, even if the buyer does know how to use sex toys. To sell and deliver adult products to customers, we need to collect personal information such as name, address, date of birth, sex, age, phone number, etc. We assure you that neither 18plustoy.com nor its partners will misuse the information you shared with us to buy sextoys in Chennai.

As a reputable marketplace, 18plustoy.com understands the significance of protecting its customers’ valuable data and privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customer’s personal data that we collect, process, store, use, disclose, transfer or handle while selling adult products or providing any service to our clients.

Table of Content

Types of Information We Collect

We need your personal information to serve in a better way. We collect types of personal data that support your identity as an individual who can purchase adult sex toys in India. The personal information we collect includes your name, address, date of birth, age, email address, phone number, gender, marital status, nationality, language, work history, etc. Also, whenever you visit our website to buy sextoys in Chennai, the server automatically receives your IP address. It subsequently helps us gather information about your computer’s operating system and the browser you use to buy sextoys in Chennai.

At 18plustoy.com, we only collect personal information wilfully provided by you to buy sex toys in Chennai. We do not consider freely and publicly available data as such information does not serve the purpose of our privacy policy. For us, personal information is something which is not shared with any person or business unless the person or business requires the information to deliver any product or service.

Data You Share with Your Consent

While browsing our website to buy sex toys in Chennai, you will be required to share your personal information. While sharing your personal information on our website to buy sex toys in Chennai, you are doing it with your consent. If you have provided your personal data with your consent, it implies that you are aware of our privacy and policy and agree to this.

As a visitor or buyer of adult toys in India at 18plustoy.com, you have the full right to deny or refuse your consent for sharing personal data with us.

At 18plustoy.com, we allow visitors on our platform to withdraw their consent for sharing personal details for customer privacy. We respect your decision, but at the same time, your refusal may restrict us from performing all services from our end. In such an event, our representative may contact you to inform you about these inabilities for adult toys in India.

However, 18plustoy.com has the right to retain such information for necessary services. If you agree with our privacy policy, it implies that you are aware of the reason for which 18 Plus Toys collects users’ data. Also, the agreement indicates that you know the fact your personal data is being collected and retained by 18+ Toys as per the guidelines of customer privacy policies.

As a reputable organization, we respect and value customer privacy right. We, therefore follow some strict privacy and policy guidelines and protocols when obtaining, processing, using and sharing your personal data. Your personal data will be obtained, processed, used, stored and shared in compliance with local laws. At 18plustoy.com, we will collect your personal data even if you do not know how to use sex toys for only legal and rightful purposes.

We only need the current, accurate and valid personal information for adult toys in India, and we have the right to take necessary measures or action to rectify or delete irrelevant or inaccurate personal information for customer privacy. As per our privacy & policy guidelines, we will keep your personal information as long as it is necessary for us. We will take adequate measures to protect your data and customer privacy from unauthorised access, unlawful processing, loss, damage and destruction.

What do we do with Your Personal Data?

We do not sell our customers’ data to other organizations for financial gain. We will never share your personal data such as email and correspondent address with third-party companies unless your data is used to improve your experience on our platform for adult toys in India.

We use personal data such as phone numbers to help the delivery agent to track you. Also, we use phone numbers to confirm your order and share the unique shipment code with you. As per our privacy and policy guidelines, our customer care executive may dial your number to learn about your experience with the product and our services.

Likewise, we use your shipping address to ship your order without any confusion and hassle, while your credit card details are used to process and complete the transaction for adult toys in India. When you agree, we may use your email address to send you a copy of your order, shipping confirmation, reminders, information on new adulttoys in India, etc.

Change or Modification 

18plustoy.com holds the right to modify or make changes in its customer privacy policies from time to time. Modified or updated privacy & policy can be relevant and valid from the date of the modification or update. Whenever we will make any changes to our privacy and policy page, we will notify you through relevant websites. If you do not know how to use sex toys, feel free to contact our customer help centre.