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Pretty Love GENE Rabbit Vibrator EPTRV-007

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vibrator online

Vibrator Online | Realist Vibrating And Rotation Dildo V2 EPTVD-014

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10 Function Dual Rabbit Vibrator EPTRV-013

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7 Thrusting Modes & Vibration Most Stimulating Sex Gun EPTSM-004

Original price was: ₹23,700.00.Current price is: ₹16,500.00.

Aphrodisia 12 Function Vibrator for Women EPTRV-024

Original price was: ₹12,500.00.Current price is: ₹8,400.00.

Automatic Adjustable Multi functional Sex Machine Dildo EPTSM-002

Original price was: ₹24,000.00.Current price is: ₹16,800.00.

Automatic Adjustable Multi functional Sex Machine With Dildo EPTSM-003

Original price was: ₹24,000.00.Current price is: ₹16,800.00.

Butterfly Clit Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator EPTRV-018

Original price was: ₹6,280.00.Current price is: ₹4,390.00.

Doido 10-Speed Romeo Rabbit Vibrator For Women EPTRV-023

Original price was: ₹8,500.00.Current price is: ₹6,500.00.

Hands Free Telescopic Realistic Dildo Sex Machine With 7 Thrusting Modes & Vibration EPTSM-005

Original price was: ₹20,000.00.Current price is: ₹14,000.00.

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Seeking Personalized Assistance To Shop Online Sex Toys In India

You might be a first-time buyer at our online sex toy store. As a newcomer, it’s hard to choose the right toy from our vast range of adult products. At, we’re fully committed to offering 100% satisfaction. We have come up with a one-stop helpline to solve all your confusion and answer queries related to products, features, special offers, and discounts.

By any chance, if you’re thinking of spending on sex toys in India, we’d request you to opt out of our free consultation. It’s a must to mention that works with top-notch professionals from the adult wellness industry, ensuring quality, hygiene, and savings simultaneously. Suppose you’ve spent months thinking about how to buy sex toys in Chennai. It’s high time to visit our online adult store to induce some real fun in your life.

When it comes to shopping for sex toys online in India, still a lot of visitors find it hard to shop across Indian sex store online. But we won’t let you go. At 18+ Toy, we value every visitor, and we are here to help you no matter what. We have in-house experts for a free consultation and personal assistance. You can dial us and share what you’re looking for, and our experts will help you place an order sex toys online.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, aside from selling sex toys in India. Each product listed on 18plustoy has undergone various quality checks, and all the products are skin-safe and ensure top-notch hygiene. Feel free to dial us if you’re about to shop for sex toys in India online. Our experts will be happy to help you.

Welcome To 18 Plus Toy- Your Legal Solution To Buy Online Sex Toys In India

18 Plus Toy welcomes you to the world of adult products and sex toys, where you can find a diverse range of sex tools and sex equipment for your sensory adventure. It’s been only a few years since mainstream e-commerce websites have embraced sex toys in India. However, that doesn’t mean people know nothing about the use of sex toys in India. In fact, this is the Holy land where Kama Sutra, the most celebrated ancient Indian text on sex, eroticism, and pleasure, was written.

Being a new-fangled Indian sex toy store, we will help you redefine subjects like pleasure, sensation, sexuality, companionship, and sexual fetishes in a whole new way. 18 Plus Toy is an Indian e-commerce website solely dedicated to sexual wellness and intimate products. At 18 Plus Toy, visitors can choose from a wide array of sex tools, sex equipments, and sex toys online legally. There’s a vast collection of sex toys for men, sex toys for women, sex toys for couples, and sex toys for LGBTQ awaiting to induce a bit of tanginess to your mechanical life.

18 Plus Toy: An Authentic Website To Shop Sex Toys Online Legally

The global sex toy Industry is expected to reach USD 32.72 Billion by the end of 2022. Plus, access to high-speed internet has become a major catalyst in the sexual revolution in India. Today sex toys India are easily available across both online and offline retail markets, and we think it’s time to turn the utopia of a sexually empowered society into a reality. Although sex toys are being sold in disguise by massagers across the country’s grey markets, it’s not a cool idea to shop from street vendors when one can purchase sex toys online in India, that too legally.

Yes, you heard that right. 18 Plus Toy is an Indian Sex Store dedicated to adult wellness and sexual enhancement, where one can shop for sex toys online legally. Unlike imported toys purchased from reputed international e-commerce and often restricted by Customs, there will be no one to ask a single question regarding your purchase while shopping at a trusted Indian sex store. In case you still wonder how to buy sex toys Chennai, we are here to facilitate a hassle-free online shopping experience. Browse through our products and add them to your cart just like shopping on any other e-commerce website.

History of Sex & Sex Toys In India, The Land Of Kama Sutra

If you ask a layman about sexuality in India, he is likely to talk about a sexually conservative society; however, truthfully, things are a bit complicated and confusing. In comparison, Men and women in the Indian subcontinent used to enjoy a liberal amount of sexual freedom between 400 BCE – 300 BCE, which ended with the Islamic influence in our society. Later on, sexual liberty came to an end with the adoption of a puritanical attitude during British Rule in India. In case you’re yet to read Kama Sutra, there are tons of heritage sites in India proudly showcasing erotic sculptures on their walls.

History Of Sex Toys

Since the history of sex toys in India is just a few years old, don’t assume sex toys are something new in society. In case there’s something age-old, just like the creation of mankind, undoubtedly it is sex. It won’t be wrong if we say that humankind has been trying to master the art of pleasuring for thousands of years because historians have found erotic tools featuring phallic similarities that are almost 30,000 years old. Can you imagine? So don’t take offense if you ever come across images or advertisements of sex toys online, and take the time to embrace the beauty of human sexuality.

Are We Living In The Utopia Of A Sexually Empowered Society? What We Think / Our Stand     

At 18 Plus Toy, we embrace sexual wellness, and we endorse a sex-positive attitude for a sexually empowered society where individuals can enjoy a decent level of sexual freedom in general. Considering the fact today, we live in a conservative society; we understand the necessity of sexual liberty.

There are countless examples available where sexual and psychological health seemed to suffer across sexually repressed countries. Issues like gender dysphoria, sexual assault, sexually transmitted diseases, infanticide, paraphilic disorders, and misogynistic tendencies are very common across countries having more conservative views on sexuality, while countries that are sexually open tend to enjoy improved sexual attitudes and health in general.

At 18 Plus Toy, we are fully committed to improving the sexual health of our patron with a vast range of adult products, sex tools, sex equipment, and online sex toys in India. As mentioned before, we endorse and embrace a sex-positive attitude. Plus, we work for a sexually empowered society where there will be no place for paraphilic disorders, misogynistic tendencies, sexual assault, and gender dysphoria. With this in mind, we have come up with the idea of running an online sex toy store so that we can positively contribute to society.

Why Should You Shop Sex Toys Online On

From improving bad sex life, assisting in sexual disorders, and experiencing sexual fetishes to making your darkest fantasies a reality, there are thousands of reasons to buy sex toys online. There are numerous reports that sex toys can drastically improve sexual health and bad sex life. Today, a lot of doctors suggest shopping sex toys online to treat certain medical conditions, and it’s a good indication.

The thing is, adult products like sex toy is not merely sex tool or sex equipment for sensory fun. It can help treat numerous medical conditions or sometimes enhance the fun of mating. No matter the reason, we appreciate that you have decided to embrace sensory fun and satisfaction with our vast collection of sex toys. Below are some of the reasons to buy sex toys online on

Exclusive Collection Of Sex Toys Online

At, you will discover the most exclusive collection of sex toys in Chennai. There is no other online sex toy store where you can get such stunning deals every hour. As a new-fangled Indian e-commerce shop, our success lies in customer satisfaction. We prioritize each and every visitor, thus coming up with the most exclusive collection of sex toys online in India. In case you’re wondering about how many segments there are, we must tell you that there are sex toys for men, sex toys for women, sex toys for couples, and sex toys for LGBTQ.

Sex Toys For Men

sex toys in India      At, visitors can get a chance to explore the most exclusive collection of male sex toys, starting from sex dolls, fleshlight masturbators, strokers, strap on dildos, penis extenders, penis rings, silicone pussy, stamina training units, BDSM kits to delay spray, everything under the same roof. Apart from exclusive collections, visitors can avail of exclusive discounts making the deals more lucrative than ever before.

Sex Toys For Women

   At, we have a vast collection of advanced female sex toys as well. Get ready to say goodbye to hand assistance and spice up your life with our exclusive range of female sex toys online. If you are thinking of buying female sex toys in India, you have come to the right place. At, you can find some of the most popular sex toys for women at a discount. Our vast collection includes dildo for women, compact vibrators, automatic sex machine, clit massager, G-spot vibrator, app controlled vibrators, nipple vibrators, vibrating panty, breast enlargement tools, silicone boobs bodysuit, and many more.

Sex Toys For Couples is also a hub of the trendiest sex toys for couples. Yes, at, you can find the most popular couple sex toys in India at a discounted price. Lucky ones can also avail of lucrative discounts from time to time on sex toys. Our collection of couple sex toys include strap on dildo, BDSM kits, bondage sex equipments, chastity devices, nipple clamps, anal dildo, and many more.

Sex Toys For LGBTQ

The LGBTQ movement has increased the demand for gay sex toys and LGBTQ sex toys in recent years. People from different walks of life have come out of their closets showing off their pride, and the incident has become a cornerstone for skyrocketing demand for LGBTQ sex toys in India. As a new name in the Indian adult wellness industry, we have a vast collection of LGBT sex toys, starting from strap on dildos, penis extenders, vagina panties, silicone boobs bodysuits for the cross-dresser, oil-based and water-based lubricants, and there are many more.

Exploring the Pleasure Palette: A Guide to Different Types of Sex Toys

Sex toys have been around for centuries, providing individuals and couples with new avenues for pleasure and exploration. From the ancient Greeks using dildos made of wood and leather to the modern-day vibrators with cutting-edge technology, the world of sex toys is vast and diverse. Let’s delve into the various types of sex toys available today, each offering a unique experience and sensation.


Vibrators are perhaps the most well-known and versatile type of sex toy. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, catering to different preferences and desires. Classic vibrators provide internal stimulation, while rabbit vibrators offer both internal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Additionally, there are discreet bullet vibrators for pinpoint pleasure and wand vibrators for intense, broad stimulation. With advancements in technology, vibrators now feature customizable settings, remote controls, and even Bluetooth connectivity for long-distance play.


Dildos are phallic-shaped toys designed for penetration and can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. They come in a range of materials such as silicone, glass, and metal, each offering a unique sensation. Some dildos are realistic in appearance, while others are more abstract or artistic. Double-ended dildos allow for shared pleasure between partners, while suction cup dildos offer hands-free fun.

Anal Toys:

Anal toys are specifically designed for anal play, catering to individuals and couples interested in exploring this erogenous zone. Butt plugs come in various sizes, from beginner-friendly to advanced, and provide a feeling of fullness and pressure. Anal beads offer a gradual increase in size for a pleasurable sensation during insertion and removal. Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland for intense orgasms and heightened pleasure.

Cock Rings:

Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis or both the penis and testicles to enhance erections and prolong stamina. Some cock rings feature built-in vibrators for added stimulation, while others are made of stretchy materials for a comfortable fit. They can also be used during solo or partnered play to intensify sensations and orgasms.

Sex Machines:

Sex machines, also known as fucking machines, are mechanical devices designed to simulate penetrative sex. They come in various styles, from handheld machines to larger, more elaborate contraptions. Sex machines can be used solo or with a partner and offer customizable speed, depth, and intensity for a truly hands-free experience.

Remote-Controlled Toys:

Remote-controlled sex toys add an element of excitement and spontaneity to solo or partnered play. These toys can be controlled via a remote or smartphone app, allowing a partner to take control of the vibrations or movements from a distance. Whether used in the bedroom or in public settings, remote-controlled toys can create thrilling moments of anticipation and pleasure.

Bondage and Fetish Toys:

Bondage and fetish toys cater to those interested in exploring BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) activities. These toys include restraints such as handcuffs and bondage tape, impact toys like paddles and floggers, and sensory tools such as blindfolds and nipple clamps. Bondage and fetish toys can be used to enhance trust, communication, and intimacy between partners while exploring power dynamics and kinks.

Benefits Of Shopping sex toys online on  

  • Get A Chance To Win Gift Vouchers & Lucky Draw Coupons
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Simple Return Policy
  • Exceptional After-Sales Service
  • Extra Rebate For Returning/Old Customers
  1. 100% Genuine: When it comes to sex toys India, the genuineness of the sex toy store is concerned. is a genuine hub of sex toys India where you can get the best deals on sex toys online. All the products listed on our website are 100% genuine. Customer satisfaction is everything to us, and we can go up to any extent to achieve it.
  2. Values Privacy: At 18+ Toys, we value the privacy of every visitor. We understand shopping for sex toys can lead to social stigma and privacy-related issues. To put an end to all these things, we offer discreet delivery so that you won’t have to get into trouble even if you get caught. Our website offers the desired level of protection during a financial transaction, and you won’t have to worry about privacy as long as you’re shopping with us.
  3. Cheapest Deals + Extra Savings: We doubt you’ll hardly find another website like where you can avail of cheap deals along with huge discounts on online sex toys in India. At our online sex toy store, you can find some of the most popular brands at a discount. You can find popular sex toys online like Fleshlight, Lovense, Tenga, and LELO at our online sex toy store. Visitors can avail of huge discounts on their purchases from time to time, and it can help you save a lot easier.
  4. Multiple Payment Gateways: AT, we prioritize our customers. In order to offer the utmost convenience to individuals, we have multiple payment gateways for visitors. If you feel a credit card is the best option for payment, you can opt for a credit card. In case you want to pay through a debit card, you can opt for that as well. You can also pay through BHIM UPI, PhonePe & Google Pay if you wish to pay online instantly.
  5. Cash On Delivery: We also offer Cash On Delivery for our customers. It means if you wish to opt for COD, you can go for it. In that case, you may not be eligible for the additional discount that one gets on a prepaid transaction on online sex toys in India.

Sex Toys India- Early Years And Challenges 

Although 18+ Toy is known as a leading retailer of sex toys in India, the early years were not as smooth as it is today. Our initial challenge was to run a sex-influenced business selling sex toys in India. We were not sure how society would react to this! But we were wrong. Soon after the launch of the online sex toy shop in Bangalore, it took only a few years to earn the trust of the customers. Today, has emerged as a one-stop solution for sex toys in Bangalore and sex toys in India, which is indeed a milestone for our entire team.

Can’t Decide What To Order? Consult Our Experts

Don’t worry, even if you are confused regarding the order. To help you out with your intimate needs, we have got a team of in-house experts. We understand confusion may arise anytime, and it needs to be cleared ASAP. Be it a query related to buying sex toys online, discounts, how to use them, maintenance, special offers, features, or pricing information, we are here for you. We try to serve our customers in the best possible ways. We have a dedicated HELPLINE NUMBER: 9836351212, where you can Call us/WhatsApp for any kind of telephonic assistance from our experts.  

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