Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, has long acquired the crown of most popular tourist destination in South India for decades. The vibrant cultural attraction consisting of arts, temples, diversifying culinary scene and natural wonders made Chennai unique in terms of everything. You’d be surprised that the South Indian city also embraces sexual Wellness in the post-COVID era. Numerous reports regarding the increasing demand for online sex toys store in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and many other places in Southern India, and it is quite clear that the sex toy market is rapidly booming all over the country, be it east or west or north or south. 

If you take little time to search for online sex toys store in Chennai, you’re likely to get lost among hundreds of retailers. While having so many options is good sometimes, the same can confuse you while deciding. In this blog, we will guide our readers on how to buy sex toys in Chennai and how to spot the right online sex toys store in Chennai if someone is looking the same. Before you buy sex toys in Chennai, we’d like to introduce the basic checklist to you so that you can get win-win deals every time.  

Ask About Store Location When You Buy Sex Toys In Chennai 

If you are looking for a reliable online sex toys store in Chennai, we are pretty sure that you have done the basic research already. We hope you are aware of the complexity while shopping from international ecommerce websites and the risk of getting caught by customs. Hence it is always better to choose local retailers than foreign ecommerce websites. 

18Plus Toy is a newly established online store based in Chennai where you can buy sex toys in Chennai, and you can visit the online storefront if you are looking for the best deals at an online sex toys store in Chennai.

Ask About Payment Options When You Buy Sex Toys In Chennai

The payment policy is another crucial factor to consider when you are searching online sex toys store in Chennai. There are many people who complain about the complicated payment policy of online retailers. You need to make sure that the payment policy is in your favour so that you can take necessary actions whenever required. A client-centric store must have client-centric payment options such as cash on delivery, app payments, bank transfer, credit and debit card options so that visitors can choose their preferred mode of payment while placing an order. 

18 Plus Toy is one of the online sex toy stores with the aforementioned payment options available for individuals. If you are planning to surprise your loved ones or spice up your sensory adventures, you can place an order here for hassle-free shipping. 

Ask About Refund/Exchange Policy When You Buy Sex Toys In Chennai

You may wonder that what if you receive a faulty product? Here comes the necessity to consider the refund/exchange policy while shopping from online sex toys store in Chennai. There are many online stores that offer a complete refund in case of shipping wrong or damaged, or faulty productsOn the other hand, many online stores only offer an exchange in case of shipping wrong or damaged or faulty products. You need to check the details so that you can initiate the refund or exchange request immediately if you receive the wrong product. 

18Plus Toy has a client-centric exchange policy where people can exchange the wrong or damaged product within 7 days of delivery. So, if you are planning to shop from an online sex toys store in Chennai, you can check the collection right away. 

Check SSL Certification when you Buy Sex Toys In Chennai

Since transaction-related frauds have skyrocketed in recent years, many people refrain from shopping online. However, that’s a bad idea. One can keep all those risks at bay with a few precautions and knowledge. Secured socket layer certification is a must-check nowadays if you shop online. In case you are planning to shop from online sex toys store in Chennai, make sure the website has valid SSL certification before you proceed to payment. 

18Plus Toy is an Indian ecommerce platform based in Chennai that sells adult Wellness products and sex toys online and it has valid SSL certification as well. If you are looking for adult products in Chennai, visit the online store.

Check Availability of Discreet Delivery

When you buy sex toys in Chennai, you need to check the availability of discreet delivery. It is not desired for people to receive a dido are a vibrator in see-through packaging. We recommend the readers call directly on their number and ask about discreet packaging to get confirmed. Hello, if you find a store that does not offer discrete packaging, avoiding such retailers while buying personal Wellness accessories is always better.

18Plus Toy is an Indian ecommerce platform based in Chennai that offers discreet packaging for its valued customers. In case you are planning to shop at an online sex toys store in Chennai, you can have a look at our online storefront here.

Get Discount While Shopping At Online Sex Toys Store In Chennai

Availing of discounts at online storefronts has become a norm these days. In general, sex toys come along with a big price tag from time to time, and henceforth you shouldn’t miss the chance to bargain to keep things on your side. If you don’t get a satisfactory discount online, don’t get fed up; instead, you can call their number and try to take things by your side.

18 Plus Toy is an online sex toys store in Chennai where you can avail of massive discounts occasionally. For those planning to spend on sex toys in Chennai, you should check our weekly offers, limited-time deals, and super saver Wednesday offers to save additionally. We hope the checklist will help you to buy sex toys in Chennai or anywhere else in India. For more details about offers and orders, please dial 9836351212 to talk to our executives.