The national capital territory of Delhi is home to 16.8 million people. It won’t be an injustice if you call it the heart of the country. Delhiites have always remained at the forefront when it comes to something new. In the post covid era, when the world was rapidly changing, India saw a sharp rise in demand for sex toys in Delhi and other parts of Northern India. Some reports claim the sale of sex toys has increased by 65% following the first lockdown in March 2020 and is still flourishing. 

Since the mushrooming of online sex toys store in Delhi is still on the rise, we’ll guide you on why residents in and around Delhi shouldn’t miss the chance to buy sex toys in Delhi in 2023.

Zero Hassle 

Together with high-speed internet and a fast-changing lifestyle, Indians are now at the pinnacle of embracing sexuality like never before. Since Indian Penal Code prohibits displaying, buying and selling sex toys in the retail market, most sellers have switched to an online mode of operation, ensuring PAN India shipping to minimize all the hassle. Today, if you want to buy sex toys in Delhi, there are hundreds of retailers who can help you get the order delivered discreetly to the right place. Isn’t it amazing? 

Residents in North India can easily get sex toys delivered to their location within 2-3 working days if they opt to shop from our online sex toys store in Delhi. So if you are planning to shop for sexual wellness products in Delhi, you should not miss the chance to sprinkle a bit of tanginess into your sex life. To shop a premium range of adult toys from an online sex toys store in Delhi, click here or Call us/WhatsApp On 9836351212.

Original Brands

While it involves a lot of struggle to veil branded sex toys from the radar of customs while shopping on international eCommerce, getting original hands-on brands is easier when someone chooses local retailers. If you want to buy sex toys in Delhi, you can shop from brands like LELO, Lovense, Fleshlight, Pretty Love, pipedream, Durex, Bathmate, Tenga, We-vibe, and there are many more. 

Our online sex toys store in Delhi boasts an enormous collection of imported sex toys in India. If you are looking for a trustworthy, genuine online sex toy store in India to fulfil your intimate needs, you should not miss the chance to have a look at our online storefront. 

Maximum Convenience During Payment 

Do you need clarification about placing a prepaid order? Don’t worry; you can opt for Cash On Delivery. If you want to buy sex toys in Delhi, you will likely find many online portals with multiple payment modes. For example, you can get options to pay through Credit/Debit Card, Internet Banking, App Payment, UPI and Cash on Delivery. You can choose the mode of payment at per convenience.

Our online sex toys store in Delhi offers all of the aforementioned modes of payment, and if you are thinking of shopping for adult toys in Delhi, you should check our website today. 

Verification Calls

Since it is not possible to offer open delivery for such items, some online sex toys store in Delhi offers verification calls to the customer to ensure genuineness. Many retailers also complain about the increasing rate of cancellation; therefore, they have come up with the idea of verification calls to show the product during packaging so that the buyer can take a look at his/her shipment beforehand dispatch. 

Our online store offers verification video calls to the customers to earn the trust of our valued customers, and it has drastically helped to minimize the cancellation rate in recent times. By any chance, if you are about to buy sex toys in Delhi, feel free to Call us/WhatsApp At 9836351212 to get exclusive offers and discounts on adult pleasure products.

Express Delivery 

We understand that many products you purchase online come under adult wellness essentials. Hence, we always deliver our shipments ASAP, in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore or anywhere else. Our storefront has collaborated with different logistics services ensuring smooth delivery all over the country. If you choose us to buy sex toys in Delhi, our online sex toys store in Delhi will offer express delivery, which means your shipment will hardly take 1 or maximum 2 days to reach your location if you are shopping from the North Eastern States.

Payment Protection 

If news of various online scams has made you terrified about shopping online, we must tell you that our website offers complete payment protection during online transactions. It’s really necessary to take precautions while shopping online so that you can avoid cyber-attacks while shopping online. Before you buy sex toys in Delhi, we must inform you that we have ensured top-notch security, and there’s no need to get afraid while shopping from our online sex toys store in Delhi.

Easy Returns/Exchange

You might wonder what to do if you buy sex toys in Delhi that later turn out to be faulty products. In such cases, the return/exchange policy will save you a** (winks). Since our online sex toys store in Delhi has always prioritized the customers, our easy return policy will allow individuals to exchange in case they receive faulty, damaged or wrong products. 

All in all, visitors who are about to buy sex toys in Delhi can enjoy all the facilities mentioned earlier at 18 Plus Toy if they choose to shop from our online sex toys store in Delhi. Let’s summarize all the key points briefly so that it’s easier to decide accordingly before shopping online. Here are the advantages 

  • Zero hassle involved 
  • Availability of original brands 
  • Maximum convenience during payment 
  • Verification calls
  • Express delivery  
  • Guaranteed payment protection  
  • Easy return/exchange 

Let us know your experience of shopping when you buy sex toys in Delhi from our website. Always feel free to Call us / WhatsApp us at 9836351212 if you have some queries. Our experts at our online sex toys store in Delhi would love to help our customers in every possible way.