Whenever it comes to the top Indian cities, Bangalore comes second next to Mumbai. Apart from being the startup capital of India, Bangalore is home to the maximum number of high-growth companies in the country, but there’s more. With the booming upsurge of sex toys in the country, demand to buy sex toys in Bangalore has skyrocketed in recent years, making way for the adult wellness industry to flourish like never before. By any chance, if you are looking for an online sex toys store in Bangalore to spice up your sex life in a contemporary way, you have come to the right place. 

18 Plus Toy is a newly fangled online sex toys store in Bangalore that specializes in adult Wellness products and pleasure products, and if you want to buy sex toys in Bangalore with the minimum hassle involved, it’s time to talk to our experts (Call/WA 9836351212). 

How To Buy Sex Toys In Bangalore?

There’s no way to deny the fact that the hassle of shopping for sex toys in India has dramatically vanished in the era of ecommerce and online shopping. While individuals had to hunt across the Grey market 20 years back, now one can buy sex toys in Bangalore with just one single click. You don’t have to negotiate with shady sellers, worry about authenticity or be anxious about payment anymore. 

18Plus Toy: Your Favourite Online Sex Toys Store In Bangalore 

The name 18 Plus Toy is a new name in the circle that aims to cater to the intimate needs of men, women, couples and LGBTQ. In case you’re planning to buy sex toys in Bangalore, you should never miss our collection of male, female, couple and LGBTQ sex toys. As mentioned, we’re a new-fangled name in the industry, and we have a fresh client-centric approach to serve the patrons with an aim to beat other big names in the Indian adult toy industry. 

Many of you may wonder why you should choose us if you want to buy sex toys in Bangalore, and here are some of the reasons.

  • A store to meet everyone’s need
  • A vast collection of products 
  • Original Imported quality toys 
  • Maximum Discount
  • Payment protection
  1. A Store For Everyone: At 18 Plus Toy, we believe everyone deserves a good sex life. At 18Plus Toy, we have something special for everyone. Our online sex toys store in Bangalore features imported quality male sex toys, female sex toys, couple sex toys and gay sex toys as well. We have different categories, and there are hundreds of options. If you buy sex toys in Bangalore and wish to get them delivered within one or two days, we offer express delivery on prepaid orders to meet the varied expectations of our valued customers. 
  2. Ample Collection: It’s been more than a decade since the emergence of the adult Wellness industry in India, and most online stores lack a diversity of toys in their collection. To put an end to the problem, we have stocked up hundreds of sex toys to meet your expectations from time to time. Even if you don’t have any plans to buy sex toys in Bangalore in the near future, we’d still ask you to take a virtual tour of our storefront. Who knows, you might find the right tool to spice up your nocturnal adventures! 
  3. Authenticity: The authenticity of sex toys is another crucial factor when you buy sex toys in Bangalore. A lot of people complain about receiving fake products while shopping from online sex toy stores in Bangalore. However, this is not gonna happenwhen youchoose 18Plus Toy to buy sex toys in Bangalore. The store has a customer-centric refund policy ensuring the utmost satisfaction while shopping on the website. For those, who are not tech-savvy, they can simply Call/WA 9836351212 to place their orders. 
  4. Maximum Savings: We don’t want to announce it publicly, but do you know any other genuine online sex toys store in Bangalore offering the samediscount, just like us? Well, this is something too rare to find. As a client-centric adult toy store, we aim to offer unbelievable discounts that you won’t get elsewhere. This means if you are about to buy sex toys in Bangalore, you can save a lot of money if you choose 18 Plus Toys to get your needs fulfilled. 
  5. Payment Protection: Although online shopping has reached a new height, the security of online transactions has still remained a matter of conflict for many internet users. Incidents like monetary fraud, receiving fake products, or even receiving no products have created a bad impression for ecommerce stores making people think twice or more before proceeding to online payment. However, 18 Plus Toy has a dedicated SSL Certification along with multiple payment modes to ensure top-notch safety of your online transactions. It means our online sex toys store in Bangalore is fully committed towards the safety of online transactions making us more trustworthy than the rest. 

Ready To Buy Sex Toys In Bangalore? Here’s What To Do Now 

If you have gone through the article, we are optimistic that most of the doubts related to shopping from an online sex toys store in Bangalore have come to an end. Now you can take your time and visit the website to take a quick virtual tour. Once you have finalized the product, it’s time to place an order. 

For orders, you can directly add them to your cart and place an order through the website, or else there’s a customer helpline number: 9836351212, where you can call or WhatsApp our executives, and they will help you place the order without any hassle. 

So, do your research if further research is required, and take your time to choose the perfect piece of tool. We do not only deliver the products in Southern India, but we also ship all over the country. So if you are looking for an online sex toys store in Bangalore or anywhere in India, do not hesitate to talk to our experts. 

Our number is 9836351212 (Call/WhatsApp), and we’re open 24×7.